Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peaceful collaboration, both within and among all nations and peoples.

The coronavirus disease has added a new dimension to Peaceday 2020. For the first time in history, people all over the world are having the same concerns about how we rebuild the world beyond the pandemic.

Young leaders from 96 cities are now stepping up to the challenge. On Peaceday 2020 they will come together, online and on-site, to take counsel on how we can turn the crisis of the pandemic into an opportunity for global renewal. Inspired by the Doughnut Economy model, which is a playfully serious approach to dealing with the global challenges, the Youth Assembly will focus on the burning question:

"How can we meet the needs of all - within the means of the planet?”

Ideas generated by the young delegates will be shared on a digital platform for citizen participation, enabling youth from all over the world to join the conversation and vote for the best proposals.

The opening of the virtual event will be a screening of BELLA GAIA – Beautiful Earth, an award winning NASA-powered immersive experience, inspired by astronauts who share the life-changing power of seeing the Earth from space. At 12:00 Noon in each time zone, we will invite the participants to observe a Minute of Silence, resulting in a "Peace Wave" around the world.

The online assembly will be supplemented with small local gatherings in the participating cities, where all the necessary Covid 19 safety precautions will be taken into account.

The epicenter of the initiative will be YOUTH ISLAND - a former sea fortress located a short sailing trip from the UN-City in Copenhagen, where 11 UN organizations are collaborating across sectors to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Since the fortress was handed over to the Danish Scouts 5 years ago, it has been transformed into a unique gathering place for young people - and a thriving habitat, where grasses, herbs and wild flowers have started to overgrow the old gun emplacements and hangars.

The live event on Youth Island will be connected to local gatherings in the participating cities via live-stream. Music and dance contributions, celebrating peace and cultural diversity, will be weaved together with video greetings from high profile supporters of the event.

The conclusions from the global youth assembly will be shared at a high-level meeting of Heads of State and Government on 21 September 2020.

The event will be produced by Citytransformers in collaboration with Ubiquity University (which is an accredited global university designed for social impact) AIESEC (the largest student driven organization in the world) - MasterPeace (a youth driven NGO with 55 clubs in 40 countries) – Peace Child International (an organisation that over the past 30 years, has tapped into the energy of millions of young people in 183 countries) and Humanity Rising, which is a new network of more than 400 NGO’s representing +10 million members to date.

A group of 12 high profile thought leaders will be invited to join the event as mentors, supporting the young delegates throughout the process.

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